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Building the future | Septagon Construction – Liberty Inc.

As you may have seen on our website lately we are now in association with Septagon Construction company. This strategic move has come after a lot of consideration of many different factors in our business. We decided on associating with Septagon to improve our ability to offer exceptional customer service and experiences to our clients.

This blog is primarily to reassure our past, current and future clients that they will continue to work with the individuals they know from Billings Construction Company and will receive the same service that we have delivered for over 40 years. The main difference is that from here on we will have access to a full suite of support services from the Septagon network...

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Swafford’s Ford Sales PEMB Construction

Recently we finished a project in Richmond, Missouri for Swafford’s Ford Sales. Their new building utilizes the highly efficient products from Butler® Manufacturing. These building materials and building systems allowed us to provide Swafford with unparalleled value in their new building.

From the beginning, we could work with our design team and Swafford’s to put together a plan to deliver great functionality and cost savings for the new facility. Starting with a blank slate allows us to work closely with the architects and Butler® products to deliver more efficient building solutions for our clients. On this project we used the Classic II™ Building SystemMR-24® Roof SystemeShadowall™ Wall System, Skyliner insulation, and in floor heating using waste oil from the facilit...

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New Office Addition

At Billings Construction we like to stay on top of the curve of technology and ways to utilize it to bring our clients a better experience. Recently, we purchased an ultra HD 4K television to bring our clients projects to life before their eyes.

Using this equipment, we will be able to show our clients past project walkthroughs allowing them to get a better understanding of the craftsmanship we build into our projects. We will also be able to show our clients images and information that will help them to better understand the project.

We are very excited to be able to bring our clients more value with the use of this technology and always strive to provide the best customer service...

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Construction in the Community

Billings Construction, having been a sponsor of Liberty athletics in the past it seems only fitting to offer our insights into the new football stadiums. There has been a lot of bustle in the community since the athletic complexes have been confirmed following the past district stadium proposal that was not agreed upon by the community a few years ago.

Being in the construction industry we always like seeing new projects in our community. The project is huge and privately funded, using the existing facilities at both high schools, stadiums will be built around them. The plans call for Liberty High School and Liberty North High School to add home bleachers/press box, a concession facility with restrooms, a new scoreboard/video board, and a new entry plaza.

Planning is key when going into an...

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Billings Construction Company

Billings Construction Company has been a family owned and operated construction firm operating out of Liberty, Missouri in the North Kansas City area specializing in erecting pre engineered metal buildings. We have been operating for over 46 years as a Butler Builder and are currently run by the second generation of the Billings family Jeffery.

Billings Construction Company has worked on many projects in Kansas City and the surrounding areas in commercial construction. As a small business working for small businesses we understand budget constraints and the value of your time and money. Therefore, we treat every project as if we were spending our own money on it, looking for places to save money where we can.

When we partnered with Butler Manufacturing and became a Butler Builder we gained...

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Commercial Metal Roofing

Using a metal roof for your businesses is a great way to protect your building for years to come without the common fallbacks of traditional roofing applications. Standing seam metal roof systems are a great alternative because they keep a watertight seal and are applied to the building with a grade to eliminate standing water.

Standing water is detrimental to all roofs, especially metal roofing, and frequent standing water will cause compromised integrity of the roof and leaks. The MR-24 metal roofing system is a first and finest of its kind, offering proven 40+ years of protection. A 40-year life span for a metal roof is amazing and it is all thanks to the design of the MR-24 Roof System.

This unbelievable lifespan is due to three very specific attributes of the MR-24 Roof System

  • -The m...
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Construction in 2017

Recently the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics and The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) released data and news in regards to employment in the construction industry. Contractors associated with AGC and many that aren’t are optimistic about what 2017 has in store for the industry.

We have seen construction employment increase by 1.6% or 102,000 more jobs since 2015, even with the 3,000-employee decrease since last November. While this sounds great on the surface, the increase in employment was all in the residential construction field. Companies like ours faced losing 400 employees last year.

While our company and others like us in non-residential construction look upon 2017 favorably for the industry with hopes that higher demands of infrastructure, private investment an...

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Building Green

In recent history, we have seen consumer concern with going green (the act of behaving in an environmentally friendly manner) and regulation enforcing Green business practices. This includes regulation on energy efficiencies, consumer concerns with recycling and building materials.

Any business owner and construction company knows the struggle of keeping up with the latest building codes to maintain the right level of “green”, and it’s a hassle. We understand these pains and work with our clients to find the best solutions to help them meet code while getting the most out of their investment.

Building Materials

We specialize in PEMB (Pre-engineered Metal Building) construction, this seems opposite of building with green construction...

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New or Renovated? A question of building ownership

When you are looking for a new facility for your business it is always important to evaluate all the factors that go into your buying decision.

We need to consider

  • The cost of property, undeveloped or existing structure
  • The cost of labor and construction
  • The Total Cost of Ownership

These factors all impact your buying decision when it comes to a new facility to run your business out of because they affect your business over the lifetime of the building.

When exploring new facility options, you can essentially narrow it down to two options, new or renovated.


When looking to renovate a facility, you may be interested in the cost savings of purchasing an existing facility over buying land and then erecting a new building...

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Building With PEMB Construction

Buckner’s Heating & Cooling Co.

We are finishing the final pieces of the puzzle that are the new building for Buckner’s Heating & Cooling Co. it has been a great project for us. We brought long term savings to Buckner’s using Butler Manufacturing building systems.

Starting with Classic II™ Building System as the structure of the building allowing us to deliver a long-term reliable solution for their building. This solution also allowed us to create a structure for Buckner’s that does not require any support beams within the structure.

Using Butler Manufacturing TextureWall™ Panel Wall System we could pass cost savings onto Buckner’s using this wall system...

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