Swafford’s Ford Sales PEMB Construction

Recently we finished a project in Richmond, Missouri for Swafford’s Ford Sales. Their new building utilizes the highly efficient products from Butler® Manufacturing. These building materials and building systems allowed us to provide Swafford with unparalleled value in their new building.

From the beginning, we could work with our design team and Swafford’s to put together a plan to deliver great functionality and cost savings for the new facility. Starting with a blank slate allows us to work closely with the architects and Butler® products to deliver more efficient building solutions for our clients. On this project we used the Classic II™ Building SystemMR-24® Roof SystemeShadowall™ Wall System, Skyliner insulation, and in floor heating using waste oil from the facility.

Swafford’s Ford needed a large space for their show floor, service area and shop with minimal interference from structural beams. We used the Classic II™ Building System from Butler® to provide Swafford with a large open space for their operations. The Classic II™ Building System eliminates the need for support beams on the interior of the building and is supported from the exterior frame.

For exterior protection, we used the state of the art MR-24® Roof System that has unmatched performance and resilience compared to other
standing seam metal roof systems. This roof system is pre-engineered to bring a 40+ year life-span to the roof. The reason this roof is unmatched is due to two specialized parts of the system. The first is an exclusive 360-degree Pittsburgh double-lock seam, with the final 180 degrees field rolled, for superior performance and protection and the second is the one of a kind moveable clips to accommodate roof movement under changing temperatures. The MR-24® Roof System can save up to 90% on roof maintenance costs compared to other roofs.

The second part of exterior protection is the eShadowall™ Wall System that brings cost savings through the years through energy efficiency that is gained through the unique assembly design of the eShadowall™ panel, thermal spacer blocks and fiberglass blanket insulation. This wall system is built with up to 33% less fasteners saving dollars on installation and reducing heat loss. The eShadowall™ Wall System is finished with high-performing Butler-Cote™ 25-year fluoropolymer finish resists chalking and fading.

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