Construction in the Community

Billings Construction, having been a sponsor of Liberty athletics in the past it seems only fitting to offer our insights into the new football stadiums. There has been a lot of bustle in the community since the athletic complexes have been confirmed following the past district stadium proposal that was not agreed upon by the community a few years ago.

Being in the construction industry we always like seeing new projects in our community. The project is huge and privately funded, using the existing facilities at both high schools, stadiums will be built around them. The plans call for Liberty High School and Liberty North High School to add home bleachers/press box, a concession facility with restrooms, a new scoreboard/video board, and a new entry plaza.

Planning is key when going into any construction project, especially large scale ones like these. Many different crews, sub-contractors and suppliers need to work efficiently to meet deadlines. Meeting deadlines is important because it keeps your whole project on schedule.

One of the greatest values that we bring to our clients is the ability to compress deadlines while meeting expectations. It may sound difficult seeing how many moving parts are involved in a commercial build but we can make it happen in part with Butler Manufacturing. This is due to systems construction and the use of the Design-Build method. It allows us to cut out waste time between different crews, subs and other factors to deliver building quickly.


Overall, these facilities are going to be a great part of our community and house many different types of events and activities for our high schools. They will also be a good recruiting tool for educators, coaches, and administrators to keep our community thriving. You can learn more about the project by watching this video or going to the website here.


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