Building Green

In recent history, we have seen consumer concern with going green (the act of behaving in an environmentally friendly manner) and regulation enforcing Green business practices. This includes regulation on energy efficiencies, consumer concerns with recycling and building materials.

Any business owner and construction company knows the struggle of keeping up with the latest building codes to maintain the right level of “green”, and it’s a hassle. We understand these pains and work with our clients to find the best solutions to help them meet code while getting the most out of their investment.

Building Materials

We specialize in PEMB (Pre-engineered Metal Building) construction, this seems opposite of building with green construction. Although this couldn’t be more wrong, steel is 100% recyclable and virtually all metal components that we build with are created from scrap metal.20161006_144520

A benefit of the PEMB construction is that the process allows us to reduce material use
building with Butler® building systems. This allows for the use of less building materials and cost savings for our clients we work with.

The PEMB building systems we use typically contain 20% less steel than that of conventional construction.

Energy Efficiencies

Energy efficiency has become ever more important for building owners with regulations getting stricter and consumers becoming
increasingly demanding of green building. Being concerned with energy efficiency is also very important to keep the costs of running your business as low as possible.

Energy efficiency can be gained through using the right insulation for your building, cool colors for your building and cool roofs (high reflectance). Utilizing these systems in a building can give you cost savings for years to come.


Sustainability is a huge part of constructing a new building for your business and you need to take into the longevity of the materials used in the construction process.

One part of commercial buildings we all understand the hassle and cost of replacing is the roof. Costly and impeding business during re-roofing it is never a fun process. We can offer our clients the best in roofing through the MR-24 roof system by Butler® which routinely last over 30 years.

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