Building With PEMB Construction

Buckner’s Heating & Cooling Co.


We are finishing the final pieces of the puzzle that are the new building for Buckner’s Heating & Cooling Co. it has been a great project for us. We brought long term savings to Buckner’s using Butler Manufacturing building systems.

Starting with Classic II™ Building System as the structure of the building allowing us to deliver a long-term reliable solution for their building. This solution also allowed us to create a structure for Buckner’s that does not require any support beams within the structure.

Using Butler Manufacturing TextureWall™ Panel Wall System we could pass cost savings onto Buckner’s using this wall system. The panel design of TextureWall™ allowed us to put up the exterior wall and insulation in one simple process, with a variety of exterior colors there is no need to paint the wall system. This saved time on construction and ultimately money for Buckner’s when we finished the building.Buckner's HVAC

They topped off the building with the state of the art standing seam roof system the MR-24® Roof System. This roofing system is built with a very slight grade as to give the illusion of a flat roof system. The beauty of the system is the seaming process that forms a watertight seal that allows for expansion and contracting with a lifetime of up to 30 years.

If you’re interest in Buckner’s Heating & Cooling Co. check out their website to learn more about winter preparation of your HVAC system. To learn more about Butler Manufacturing building systems and the benefits that can bring to your next project follow this link.

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